Leverage over 35 years of business experience

Everything we teach has been tested through our 35+ years of running Oriole Landscaping. We developed our business wisdom the hard way: by continually optimizing our processes to find the most efficient solutions. Learn from us to minimize the time and the friction it takes to reach success.

By leveraging our experience, you'll be liberated from the common pitfalls of small business.

Reduced stress

Increased profits

Improved leadership

Prevent common

Confident decision-

Harmonized team &

Better work/life

Clear long-term

Concrete solutions,
not tips!

How we can help:

Clear Business Thinking

You need to think like a wise entrepreneur in order to become one, and you can shortcut your way to wisdom by learning from our mistakes! We will teach you essential frameworks for critical thinking to get you business as a whole operating smoothly. This includes standardizing the strategic decision-making process, setting a long-term vision, and consistently holding your team accountable.

Collaboration / Prioritization

We will teach you the processes that we have perfected from being in business for 35+ years, which will harmonize the day-to-day operations of your business. First, we make you aware of all the priorities needed to make a company efficient & profitable. We then help you develop a strategic plan that is optimized for the gradual, continual implementation of your improvement priorities.

Financial Guidance

Most small business owners lack an understanding of the financial fundamentals needed to take their company to the next level. Our method teaches you only what is absolutely necessary for your success. We will show you how to use critical financial ratios to guide your strategic decision-making process, how to budget effectively, and how to produce thorough estimates in the least number of steps needed.
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LMN consulting

LMN software is the key interface between your mind and your business. It allows for the application of technology to streamline administrative processes and perfect operational results. George and Peter are experts in using Landscape Management Software and can help you save thousands of hours by perfecting its use.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

We know what it takes to make a landscape business world-class, and have helped countless entrepreneurs reach their goals in a fraction of the time.