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Our story

How George & Peter built Toronto’s top design/build landscape firm.

Our journey through the four stages of business

Over our 35+ years running Oriole Landscaping, we have learned what it takes to build a company from scratch all the way to reaching the turn-key stage, where a company is able to run itself.

The Resourceful Stage

We began Oriole Landscaping over 35 years ago to pay for university. We borrowed money from our parents, worked out of garages and knocked on countless doors to get business. This was our RESOURCEFUL STAGE: although we were crafty and were continually learning, we lacked a strategic approach and survived many mistakes that were completely avoidable.


The Wake-Up Stage

The true cost of business became apparent when we got married, bought homes and had children. This was the WAKE-UP STAGE: It was time to make money smarter so we could pay the bills and spend time with our growing families. Our simple solution was to raise prices and see what happens. To our surprise, business kept coming in. For years we had failed to charge what we were worth.


The Refinement Stage

As our sales grew into the millions, our focus became centred around efficiency. This was the REFINEMENT STAGE: it is how we could keep up with the growing demand and complexity of our business. We started to implement systems, standardize our operations, and cut waste wherever we could. We also developed the leadership skills and business knowledge needed to make better decisions in a fraction of the time.


The Turn-Key Stage

This led us to continually improve, until we reached the current TURN-KEY BUSINESS STAGE. Our business now runs itself: Oriole's new management team has taken over our day-to-day operation of the business, and uses the systems that we have refined over a lifetime. We now focus our time on helping other businesses improve and grow without the growing pains. We would love to share our experience with you so you can thrive and reach your goals in a fraction of the time.

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Meet our Consultants

Peter Guinane

Peter, a co-founder of Oriole Landscaping in 1986, is celebrated for cultivating a reputation synonymous with high-quality work and exceptional service. Under his leadership, Oriole has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, twice for Most Innovative Design and once for Best Overall Landscape project. 

Over the past 37 years, Peter has made significant contributions to the industry. Currently, he is Chair of Landscape Canada for the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association, Co-Chair of the Canadian Landscape Standard (CLS), a Director for the Green Cities Foundation, and a member of the Board of Directors at Landscape Ontario. In past key positions such as Chair of Canada Blooms and Chair of the Contractors Sector Group in Ontario, he has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards.

Driven by a passion to elevate the landscape industry, Peter actively engages in community projects and imparts knowledge through seminars at industry events, and represents Canada at events around the world. Recognizing the value of mentorship, he has expanded his services to include consulting, allowing him to directly mentor other professionals. 

Peter resides in Toronto with his wife Alana and finds fulfillment in lifelong pursuits such as running, skiing, canoeing, hockey, and mountain biking.

George Urvari

George Urvari, a co-founder of Oriole Landscaping Ltd. since its establishment in 1986, drove rapid acclaim through unwavering dedication to top-notch work and outstanding customer service, resulting in numerous accolades. Notably, the company was honored with the prestigious Casey Van Maris award twice for innovative designs in Ontario and bestowed the Dunnington Grubb Award for the province’s best overall landscape company. 

In 2005, George and business partner Peter Guinane expanded their horizons, founding Solid Space Construction and diversifying their project portfolio to cater to a growing clientele with varying needs. 

Over 37 years, George has significantly contributed to the industry. He served as President of the Toronto Chapter of Landscape Ontario, leaving an indelible mark, and actively participated in events across North America, sharing insights and wisdom. 

George, an LMN authorized consultant and workshop instructor, passionately fosters excellence within the landscape industry, consulting and mentoring aspiring landscape businesses. Dedicated to streamlining business operations and alleviating common hurdles faced by emerging companies, George envisions an efficient and stable landscape industry, working diligently towards this goal as a devoted business consultant. 

In Toronto, George finds joy in family moments, residing with his wife Julie, two children, and their new dog, Bobbi. An ardent tennis player, he frequently enjoys spirited games at his local Golf & Country Club. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, a testament to his dedication to continuous learning and growth. 

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