JC Landscaping Open House and Yard Tour – Saturday October 21, 2023

JC Landscaping is an award winning business run by a dedicated group of industry veterans. This event, happening on Saturday October 21 2023, and cohosted by JC Landscaping, Knowledge Tree Consulting, Landscape Management Network, and Oriole Landscaping, will allow participants to learn first hand what it takes to run a successful and growing landscape company.

The Organized Advantage

Kicking off LMN’s Day In The Life of a landscape contractor series, we follow George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping to better understand the systems, philosophies, and habits that have served him well in his landscape business.

Three Steps to Beautiful Estimates

Imagine an approach to estimating that anyone can learn, even those with little to no experience. Seem impossible? Then you need to attend this webinar. Certified LMN Consultant George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping will challenge your thinking and open your mind to a revolutionary three-step approach to estimating that produces great projects.
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