Transform your business with our expert solutions, achieve success in record time.

Our vision is to provide businesses with the training they need to harmonize the way they work, liberating entrepreneurs from the stress of working in their business.

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Benefit from a lifetime of experience

Over our 35 years of running Oriole Landscaping, we have developed the processes needed to get your company to run smoothly. All of our mistakes were preventable. All of our successes are replicable. Join us in helping you accelerate your improvement journey for a happier life and a better business.

Experience you can trust

Our business wisdom comes from 35+ years of running Oriole Landscaping. We have optimized our processes through trial & error to develop proven solutions. Shortcut your path to success by learning from our hard-won experience.

Four key tenets of our method

Ensure long-term success

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your business to identify risks and inefficiencies. Then, we will develop a strategy customized to your business needs to mitigate those risks and optimize your operations, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

Fix key problems first

There is only so much time to work to make a living and fix ongoing problems at the same time. We will help you prioritize the most urgent problems in your business, so you can obtain the highest possible ROI from our services, and make your business journey as painless as possible.

Adopt repeatable processes

We will help you create and adopt repeatable processes by analyzing your current operations to identify areas where standardization is needed. This will ensure consistency, efficiency, and scalability, guiding you towards sustainable success.

Unlock leadership potential

We will help you foster a culture of strong leadership, driving growth and success. By following an in-house program, you and your team will improve together, learn from each other, be able to cover for each other and eventually fill roles as your business grows.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

We know what it takes to make a landscape business world-class, and have helped countless entrepreneurs reach their goals in a fraction of the time.

    George was very attentive and listened to our concerns. He brought many things to our attention on how it should be billed in our business, and therefore ensuring it was costed properly, resulting in us saving money. He had some good tips on how we could organize our garage/shop/yard better as well, making it more efficient.


    B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd., Ontario
    George has been offering Earthscape consulting services over the past 8 years. In that time, his guidance has helped us grow over 300%, while making our business run more smoothly. I personally have worked less hours every year over the past 4 years, and this has been in part due to George's business advice.


    Earthscape, Ontario
    Contacting George put us on the right track from day one, and with his help, our company was able to hit our annual sales goals in the first 6 months! Best decision ever. We are lucky to have found a George, and had the good fortune to work with him. We recommend him highly.


    Terra Firma Landscaping, Ontario
    George helped us get over the hump to make the big decisions we need to make to get to the next level, without adding lots of people. He would remind us, “if it does not put you out of business and the downside risk is low, then try it.” – Ironically George is cautious. All about improving the bottom line before the top line. The how to do it is so clear for us now. We look forward to working with him as we grow, and would recommend him highly to our peers.


    Down to Earth Landscaping Co., Colorado
    It is unbelievable in hindsight how far our business has come since working with George. He is always available for advice, and thoughtfully presents the pros and cons of any big decision. He taught me how to take the emotion out of a situation, analyze ONLY the facts and make a decision. We look forward to working with George again.


    Giordano Landscaping, Pennsylvania
    Our company engaged George to help us implement LMN Software for our business. He especially helped us understand our costs and was crucial to setting up amazing estimating templates for pools, landscapes and maintenance. At the same time he helped us restructure our priorities for improvement. Our company runs so much better now… more responsive, attentive, and thoughtful. Looking forward to working with him more! He is a wealth of knowledge.


    The Patio Company, Massachusetts